We understand how important education is, just as you know that excessive heat makes it difficult for students to learn, and just as hard for teachers to instruct. Any failure of air conditioning systems in schools and educational facilities leads to distracted students and impatient teachers. Depending on the weather and outside temperature, it can even pose a health risk.

Additionally, educational facilities have several rooms that may require extra cooling. Chemistry and biology labs can become dangerous or unsanitary if they become too hot. Server rooms and computer labs may not work effectively if not properly cooled. Building trades, machine shops, and gyms may become unsafe if the temperatures get too high. By using spot coolers in these areas, you can ensure that your facility and resources are properly utilized, without risking damage to any heat-sensitive equipment.

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What is a spot cooler

Whether your main air conditioning system has experienced a failure, or you simply need supplemental cooling in a particular area of your facility, Preferred Climate Solutions can set up the perfect spot cooling rental for you. These units provide ample cooling wherever needed in areas between 200 and 2,000 square feet. Simply plug them into normal electrical outlets, situate the exhaust vent, and begin cooling the area. Better yet, let us know your needs. We’ll deliver the perfect spot cooler for the job, and even set it up for you.


Preferred Climate Solutions has worked with a number of educational facilities to provide them with the climate control they need, including.


  • Spot cooling for computer rooms, workshops or labs where climate control is essential.
  • Overnight and weekend cooling with limited staff members present.
  • Spot cooling for conference rooms, assemblies, gyms, and similar rooms.
  • Providing air conditioning for select areas during summer school to cut costs.
  • Cooling rooms that create excess heat such as art rooms, machine and wood shops or storage facilities.
  • Ensuring that your students and staff remain comfortable so that they can focus on the tasks at hand.

Preferred Climate Solutions offers a wide range of spot coolers for all of your educational facility air conditioning needs. Whether you need to protect computer systems, laboratory environments, plants, and animals or simply want to keep students and staff comfortable, Preferred Climate Solutions has everything you need to keep your educational facility cool.

As an educator or administrator, your first priority is the well-being of your students. We’re proud to help you ensure that your students, staff, and faculty work together in a cool and comfortable environment. We respond quickly to fix your cooling problems as soon as possible, so give Preferred Climate Solutions a call and we’ll deliver the perfect spot cooler for your needs.

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