The Importance of Portable Air Conditioning in an Emergency

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20 Apr
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For millennia, mankind has sought protection from the elements. We build houses, light fires and now use air conditioning to stay cool. Our homes offer protection from extreme heat and cold. However, that protection only goes so far.

When it comes to mobile protection from high temperatures, portable air conditioning units quickly bring the mercury back to a more reasonable level. In the event of an emergency, including a heat wave, a portable air conditioning system can protect you, your loved ones and your assets.

What is Portable Air Conditioning?

To understand the benefits of portable air conditioning you need to understand the concept behind it. Portable air conditioning works like indoor air conditioning in that it lowers the temperature of a given space. However, portable air conditioning functions indoors and outdoors, from open to partially closed spaces. Preferred Climate Solutions offers Portacool cooler for efficient and effective relief. 

Using evaporative cooling, Portacool’s Jetstream line of coolers can lower temperatures by as much as 20 degrees. Incredibly efficient, they draw very little power given their capabilities. They come in a variety of sizes, the smallest of which cools up to 1,125 square feet while using less electricity than a standard household toaster.

You can set these air conditioners up wherever you need them given their small size. They come on wheels for easy maneuverability. So whether you need to cool down your workshop or just offer some relief to your guests by the pool, a portable air conditioner has you covered. 

The Dangers of Heat

Too much heat can be dangerous for people and animals alike. When temperatures get too high, people risk conditions such as heat stroke, heat exhaustion and dehydration. The only cure when things get too hot is, of course, cold air or water. Any kind of physical activity that takes place in hot environments presents a risk to participants. 

When a person suffers from heat stroke or any heat-related illness, they require medical attention and a cool environment to fully recover.

Portable Cooling at Sporting Events

Athletes run the risk of encountering a heat-related illness during especially hot days in the summer months. All that exercise increases the body temperature already. So when you throw in a heat wave or just a hot day, the results could be deadly. 

At any organized sporting event, the venue should offer a way for athletes to cool down quickly in the event of a heat-related illness. Portable coolers offer this protection and can be placed wherever you can get an extension cord to them. 

For instance on a hot day during a football game, the medical staff should have access to a cooler they can quickly turn on if the need arises. A small tent would work best to capture and contain the cold air, but the Portacool coolers can still operate in the open air. 

This way, when an athlete overheats they can get immediate relief for a full recovery. Additionally, anyone in the crowd can get cooled off should they suffer from a heat-related illness.

Portable Cooling at Events

Large public or private outdoor events also need to offer some sort of protection from extreme heat. While not every space can or should be air conditioned, portions of that space must have access to it. For example, the medical tent at any concert or outdoor event should have portable air conditioning units in it. That way, should someone suffer a heat-related illness they can receive the proper medical attention as soon as possible. 

Other outdoor areas including amusement parks, fairs and receptions can benefit greatly from the added protection of a portable cooler.

Without the assurance offered by portable air conditioning, event goers and organizers run the risk of jeopardizing themselves or their patrons. And since you can put portable coolers just about anywhere you can get power to them, there is no excuse not to have them.

Protecting Livestock

Most farm animals do not have the option of coming inside and getting some cold air. So when a heat wave hits, livestock are often left vulnerable and unprotected. Farmers and livestock caretakers should use portable coolers to protect their animals from the elements just as they protect themselves.

Most mammals do not fare any better in extreme heat than humans. Putting a few Portacool coolers in a barn or shed gives livestock the ability to survive in a hot and harsh environment. Giving them access to water only goes so far, especially since that water will heat up eventually just like the oxygen around them. 

Renting a portable cooler before a heatwave could save your livestock a whole lot of suffering.

Cooling Down the Workplace

During the summer months many workers must brave extreme temperatures without any hope of remaining indoors. And sometimes the workplace is directly under the sun. Any company working outside must offer its workers some sort of safety from heat-related illnesses during especially hot days.

Having a portable cooler on the job site allows your crews to keep working in safe temperatures. Even outside of an emergency a portable cooler can help boost productivity by giving workers some relief. When they do not have to fight the elements they can focus more on the task at hand. 

Getting Portable Air Conditioning

Preferred Climate Solutions can handle anyone’s air conditioning needs throughout the State of Texas. We offer a variety of portable coolers and outdoor air conditioning systems to offer protection from extreme heat. Air conditioning does not only help out in an emergency, but also during regular outdoor events. 

We offer 24/7 support, as well as onsite delivery to all of our customers. Browse our rental offers today and take the first steps towards creating a safer and more comfortable environment.

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