Things To Consider Before Renting a Portable Air Conditioner

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27 Sep
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Warm climates can make a workplace or local event intolerable for those in attendance. For example, the weather in Austin, Texas, can be exceptionally high during the summer months, sometimes reaching 100°F for weeks at a time. These extended periods can make a workplace environment challenging or prevent people from attending your event.

Thankfully, there is a solution to help maintain a more pleasant temperature with a portable AC rental. Austin and other hot areas in the US can get temporary relief from the hot temperatures, keeping employees or eventgoers happy and comfortable. However, before choosing a portable AC rental, Austin residents must consider several factors to help guide them to the suitable unit to meet their needs.

9 Essential Factors To Consider Before Renting a Portable Air Conditioner

If you need to rent a portable air conditioner in Austin, Texas, you must know the numerous elements that can help you select a suitable model. Without careful consideration, you may end up with a unit that isn’t adequate for your space or poses issues for your event or workplace.

Before you book your portable AC rental, you should recognize these elements:

  • Know your needs
  • Appearance
  • Setup requirements
  • Electrical demands
  • Ventilation prerequisites
  • Operational noise
  • Cost
  • Overall performance
  • Maintenance and cleaning

Know Your Needs

The first consideration when looking for a portable AC rental is finding one to suit your needs. Will you require it to operate indoors at your workplace? Will it help provide a cool area outdoors? Your total rental period will also affect your choice when exploring the options.

You must include several details when talking to a customer representative to book your portable air conditioner. This way, they can get a comprehensive picture of your space needs and guide you on which model is the best option.

Some valid points to include are:

  • The number of people in the space you need cooling
  • Additional electrical equipment
  • The number of windows for indoor use


The appearance will vary with so many different models of portable AC units. If you plan to rent one for a special event, you do not want it to be an eyesore for your guests. However, if the unit will sit away from everyone at your business, you may not care what it looks like.

Setup Requirements

Using a portable air conditioner requires some setup. If you are a first-time renter, you may want to ask if a company rep will be helping you set it up or if they will set it up for you at delivery. The proper setup will ensure that the unit works as it should and meets your cooling needs.

Electrical Demands

Before deciding on a portable AC rental, you should consider what type of outlet it needs to operate and if your space can support it safely. In addition, it’s critical to have the proper power source available for the model you choose.

Larger units may require you to have them plugged into a separate breaker than other sensitive electronics to ensure safe operation. In addition, you may need to use extension cords if you place the air conditioner in a spot without access to an outlet.

Ventilation Prerequisites

A portable air conditioner will need ample ventilation to redirect hot air away from your space. Exploring how the unit ventilates and what is necessary will help you choose the perfect model.

Some models will vent through a window, while others can go through a wall or drop ceiling. Each situation will require adequate equipment for proper operation. A portable air conditioner will not work effectively or produce the desired results without appropriate ventilation.

Operational Noise

No one wants their portable air conditioner to take over their event or workspace. You should know how loud the operational noise is. This way, you can choose a model that will be quiet enough for your needs.


Budget can be a concern for many consumers. So, naturally, the various styles and models will have different prices that reflect their size and output. You want to choose a portable AC rental that is suitable and affordable rather than spending money on one that is more powerful than you need.

Overall Performance

Knowing how well a portable air conditioner works will help you determine which product is right for you. Not all portable air conditioners will be adequate for your space. Therefore, the larger your area is, the more BTUs are necessary to cool the air.

In addition, you should be renting a portable AC unit that can maintain the temperature you need or allow you to adjust the temperature as necessary.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Rental equipment can break down after prolonged use. Ask about any necessary maintenance and cleaning the AC unit needs or regularly goes through. You will want a well-maintained and clean product that will not pose health problems from dust or break down during your rental.

Renting equipment like air conditioners may require you to clean them at the end of your rental. Examine the rental contract and see if you will be responsible for this task before returning it.

How Do You Choose the Best Portable AC Rental?

Preferred Climate Solutions makes it straightforward to secure a portable AC rental that will meet your needs and budget. With over 17 years in the business, we are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Some of the residential and commercial rental choices we offer are:

  • Mobile AC trailer units
  • Evaporative coolers
  • Power Breezer fans
  • Spot coolers
  • Water cooled air conditioners

No matter how big or small your cooling needs are, Preferred Climate Solutions can tackle them all. We are here for any emergency or planned event needs during the hot Texas temperatures. Our HVAC experts are available to deliver and set up your portable AC rental in Austin, so you don’t have to worry. Call us today and see how simple it is to have cool air with a portable AC rental.

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