Things to Know About Commercial Air Scrubber and Where to Use

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25 Jul
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Few people think about the air scrubbers that remove airborne toxins. These scrubbers are commonly used in the commercial industry, and are used to remove harmful pollutants like dust, mold, bacteria, and other airborne toxins.

Commercial air scrubbers are a very important part of any commercial facility and can greatly impact productivity and efficiency. In fact, they are often a first line of defense against the negative effects of airborne contaminants to air and equipment. Here at Preferred Climate Solutions we are highly trained experts at air scrubbing.

Let’s take a look at things to know about commercial air scrubbers and where to use them

What is a Commercial Air Scrubber?

A commercial air scrubber is a device that removes airborne pollutants and contaminants from the air or work area. Commercial air scrubbers are specifically designed for cleaning the air in a commercial office, factory, or industrial unit.

The technology was originally developed for use in aircraft cockpits. Air scrubbers are widely used to remove dust, mold, bacteria, and other airborne pollutants from the air in the office or facility.

Because commercial air scrubbers are designed to remove air contaminants and bacteria, they are extremely effective at killing airborne germs, especially if the air is stale or dirty.

Types of Commercial Air Scrubbers

Commercial air scrubbers can be categorized into the following types:

Drain Coated Roller

  • A drain coated roller is the most common type of commercial air scrubber available, due to its low cost, ease of use, and wide application area. The design of a drain coated roller is ideal for the commercial market.

The volume of air sucked in is very large compared to other types of air scrubbers. However, drain coated rollers can become inefficient over time as they need to be cleaned regularly. This results in higher maintenance costs. This is where a ceramic air scrubber can help.

Ceramic Air Scrubbers

  • Ceramic air scrubbers are similar to drain coated rollers but use ceramic beads instead of metal beads. Ceramic beads make ceramic air scrubbers lightweight and highly efficient.

Advantages of Commercial Air Scrubbers

Once you begin considering the benefits of commercial air scrubbers and the many different types available, you will find that there are a lot of advantages to the technology.


  • You’ll be surprised at how affordable using commercial air scrubbers is. Keeping you on budget is easily accomplished when you use our services. This is why renting an air scrubber system is so advantageous, which is especially important if you are operating on a smaller budget.

Regulation Compliance

  • With commercial air scrubbers, you will be able to stay on top of the latest air pollution regulations and also maintain clean indoor air.

Commercial Air Scrubbers Can Improve Your HVAC System

  • The HVAC system of your commercial facility is, as we said, one of the main ways in which the energy in the building is controlled.

Disadvantages of Commercial Air Scrubbers

Of course, commercial air scrubbers are not without their drawbacks, as with any cleaning product. The most common issue with using commercial air scrubbers is they can be somewhat expensive to purchase.

And, even though they are expensive, they can be quite necessary and should be used in every building or facility where dust and other contaminants are a problem.

But by renting the equipment and hiring an expert air scrubber team to deal with this negates any permanent costs.

Another drawback is that they are generally not created to remove bacteria, mold, or other pathogens. Commercial air scrubbers are made to remove larger particles from the air.

Many modern air scrubbers claim to have an added “soap action” that kills harmful bacteria. However, this kind of action is common with a lot of cleaning products, and it is usually very ineffective.

Where to Use Commercial Air Scrubbers

There are many places around the workplace where air scrubbers can be used. But where do you actually need them most?

The most important place is often the ventilation system for a commercial building. Sometimes dehumidifiers are also needed

While these are generally used for removing dust, mold, and bacteria, air scrubbers can remove more than just those two things. They can be used to remove dirt, microbes, mold, and other airborne contaminants.

In the commercial world, commercial air scrubbers are commonly used for cleaning the air.

The air scrubbers in a commercial building are typically powered by electricity. They generally aren’t hooked up to any pumps, but instead draw air directly from outside of the building and use suction to push the air into a filter.

Selecting the Right Air Scrubber for Your Needs

Cleaning your commercial building’s air is a big investment for most companies and facilities. Some cleaning methods can be a costly and time-consuming ordeal, while others are more affordable and easily accessible.

A few options can greatly affect your bottom line:

  • Round-Table Pumps Pumps are the most common and most appropriate type of commercial air scrubber. This type of commercial air scrubber is used in a vertical or “face-down” position.
  • Most round-table air scrubbers are connected directly to HVAC systems, and with its air pressure and flow, it is one of the best ways to remove dust, mold, bacteria, and other airborne toxins.


Air scrubbers are a very important part of any commercial facility and can greatly impact productivity and efficiency. A properly installed air scrubber can do wonders to protect your business and workers.

We should know. Preferred Climate Solutions has the technicians and the experience to use air scrubbers efficiently to remove airborne toxins.

Reaching out to any of our Texas based support in Arlington, Austin, Carrollton, Dallas, DFW, Ft Worth, Houston and San Antonio areas will get your questions answered quickly and professionally.

Contact Preferred Climate Solutions today about your air scrubber needs.

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