Things You Should Know When Renting an Outdoor Air Conditioner

20 Apr
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With summer fast approaching the urge to get outside and take in some fresh air becomes overwhelming. Instead of staying cooped up indoors you can move your gatherings outside to enjoy nature and some sunlight. Unfortunately, that beautiful sunlight usually brings some serious Texas heat along with it. 

Still, outdoor events hold much more appeal than indoor ones. They require less preparation and less cleaning up afterwards. If the weather cooperated all the time we would have almost every event outdoors. 

Thankfully, you can always rent an outdoor air conditioner to create a comfortable space on even the hottest of days.

What is Outdoor Air Conditioning?

Outdoor air conditioning functions basically the same as its more popular indoor variant. You would use outdoor air conditioning to cool environments without access to traditional air conditioning. Most outdoor air conditioning applies to events held in marquee tents during events such as weddings, parties and receptions.

You can also use outdoor air conditioning for basically any mostly closed space, such as barns, old buildings not in use and outdoor, open-sided structures. Outdoor air conditioners help create cool and enjoyable environments so that you can fully enjoy the outdoors.

Sports facilities might also require outdoor air conditioning during events to keep participants and spectators comfortable.

Types of Units

Like indoor air conditioning, outdoor air conditioning units come in several varieties. Each system has a different power output, meaning that it can cool a certain sized space to a certain temperature. 

The area a system handles is referred to as cubic feet per minute (CFM). Outdoor air conditioning systems come with a range from 2000 to 12,000 CFM. This means that in one minute they can cool up to 12,000 cubic feet. 

Each unit’s cooling capabilities are measured in British thermal units (BTU). The higher the BTU, the more cool air a unit can produce. Most outdoor systems range from 60,000 BTU to 450,000 BTU. 

Finally, consider the amp requirements of each unit. These typically range from 20 to 100 amps. 

You can stack several units on top of each other for larger spaces or when you desire a colder environment. Trailer mounted, you can bring your air conditioning system just about anywhere.

What to Consider with Outdoor Air Conditioning

Before you jump right into it and rent an outdoor air conditioning system, you need to keep several factors in mind. Outdoor air conditioners come in many variants, each suited for a particular space or environment.

They come in different sizes, models, power variants and with different features. Keep these factors in mind when making your final decision. Additionally, you should always present your specifications and needs to your rental expert so that they may use their knowledge and experience to help you. 

Consider Your Event

Before you look at an outdoor air conditioning system you must first consider the outdoor event you plan to hold. The event determines the venue, and the venue determines your air conditioning needs. For example, you may wish to hold an event under a marquee tent. In that case you must then consider the size of the tent.

When holding an event in a more permanent structure such as a barn or an unoccupied building, your needs will shift again. A barn might offer better insulation than a tent so you may not need as powerful of an air conditioning system. However, you need to also consider how closed of a space you will need serviced. The more open the space, the more powerful of an air conditioner you need to compete with the elements. 

Larger venues might require more units or more powerful units. Keep in mind that outdoor air conditioners operate based on cubic feet. You can find the cubic feet of your venue by multiplying length, width and height. Do not confuse cubic feet with square feet, which only considers length and width. 

Once you select a venue, an air conditioning technician and expert can help you narrow down your options to find the right air conditioner. 

Consider Power Options

The ability to use different air conditioners depends entirely on your power supply. Keep in mind your power capabilities so that you do not rent a system you cannot sustain. Also make sure that you can supply adequate power to the outdoor event site. Whether you use extension cords, generators or will hook directly into a power supply depends on your venue.

Fortunately, Preferred Climate Solutions offers climate control units internal transformers and power distribution to keep from dragging down your entire power supply. So long as you can supply the power, the units will handle it from there.

Consider Desired Temperature

Air conditioning can turn even the hottest rooms frigid. Think about how cool you want your event and then select a system with that temperature goal in mind. You may only wish to keep things a few degrees cooler than the summer heat. Or you may wish for your guests to enjoy your outdoor event comfortably in full attire.

Once you decide on how cool you want your space you can pick a system to match those needs. The higher a unit’s BTU measurement, the more cold air it can produce. Preferred Climate Solutions offers air conditioning with thermostats for precise temperature control.

Renting an Outdoor Air Conditioning System

When planning an outdoor event in Texas, Preferred Climate Solutions can take care of all of your air conditioning needs. We offer a variety of different units in different sizes suitable for any outdoor event. In addition to a high quality system, we offer on-site delivery to all of our customers. With 24/7 service, we can get you set up and taken care of whenever you need us. 

No matter your event, Preferred Climate Solutions has the cool air you need. Find out more about our air conditioner rentals today!

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