Tips For Throwing A Successful Wedding Reception – Even In Bad Weather

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22 May
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A successful wedding day takes extensive planning and preparation, and making a reception just as successful is an even greater challenge. Outdoor receptions are especially complex because the weather plays a large role in how the day plays out.

Hot weather, cold weather, and precipitation are luck of the draw depending on the season of the year, but there are some ways you can minimize the effects of Mother Nature on your big day. Here are some tips for making your wedding reception successful even in bad weather:

Make Plans For Your Plans

Sometimes Plan B is not enough to contend with the curveballs and problems that life throws at you on your wedding day. Have a plan for everything from refreshments and food to seating and music, and then make a backup plan for each of those plans if everything goes wrong, especially the weather.

Tent Up

Get a tent for your outdoor reception. Even if you are hosting a wedding and reception in your own backyard or the backyard of a family member, you need a sheltered space where people can retreat from the weather so your schedule of events can continue uninterrupted. Another advantage of putting up a tent is it allows you to control the temperature with portable heating or cooling units. If you are getting married in the summer in Texas, these are a must-have item.

Make Sure You Have Some Type Of Climate Control

The ability to cool or heat a tent at an outdoor event should not be undervalued. If you get an unseasonably cold and wet day, having some upright propane heaters in or around the shelter allows your guests to keep warm and not need heavy coats over their formal wear. If your reception days is a real scorcher, having portable misting coolers running will help your guests stay cool even in an event shelter or large catering tent.

Set A Theme

It may not seem important to some, but a theme help cements your ideas together to create a memorable day that will be treasured forever. If you’re the bride and groom, it should be a meaningful theme to you both, even if it’s based around a favorite film or TV show. Wedding and event planners should take a similar approach when planning outdoor receptions, too.

Following these simple tips can make all the difference when the day of your wedding and reception finally arrives. If you take nothing else away from this, at least plan on having a tent and some sort of heating/cooling system in place for your outdoor reception. Your guests will be grateful for your foresight.

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