Tips To Improve the Efficiency of Your Swamp Cooler

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17 Mar
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With summer fast approaching, many of our customers are getting ready to rent or install a swamp cooler. The good news is that swamp coolers are easy to use and provide excellent air conditioning. They can also save hundreds of dollars on your energy bill. 

Here at Preferred Climate Solutions, we also find that swamp coolers are extremely cost-effective to cool a room. This is important when you consider that energy companies seem to be constantly increasing their rates.

While not as efficient as central air conditioners, swamp coolers can supply plenty of cool air. Swamp coolers are great to use during the hottest days of summer. 

Getting the maximum use from your swamp cooler is pretty easy. Check out our best tips to improve the efficiency of your swamp cooler.

What Is a Swamp Cooler?

A swamp cooler is a type of evaporative cooler. It is used in dry climates to cool the air. This air conditioning unit is also known as a swamp cooler, evaporative cooler, evaporative air cooler, desert cooler, or dry cooler. 

This unit works by using a fan to blow air over wet pads that have been soaked in water. The water evaporates, and the temperature of the air goes down. And, because the pads are wet, there is no need for additional cooling.

The water evaporates and reduces the temperature of the air by about 20 degrees.

How Is a Swamp Cooler Different From Central Air Conditioning?

Swamp coolers are popular in the desert Southwest because their adobe homes are not air-conditioned and the desert climate is almost always hot. Swamp coolers aren’t as efficient as a central air conditioning system, but they cost less to buy and have lower maintenance costs. 

Think of a swamp cooler as essentially a personal air conditioner that relies on evaporation to cool your home. It’s considered a cooling system, but it’s really a dehumidifier, like the ones you have in your house. 

Evaporative coolers don’t reduce the temperature of the air itself within a home. Rather, they lower the temperature of the home by removing the moisture from the air. 

These Tips Will Maximize Your Swamp Cooler Efficiency

Leave Those Windows Open

You’ll want to leave your windows open when using the swamp cooler. Remember, your cooler needs air to operate efficiently. 

Swamp coolers work by pulling in cool air from outside and pushing the hot air out. If you have already installed a swamp cooler, use this tip to make it more efficient.

When you open all of your windows around 2 inches or so, your cooler will work much better. The more air it can draw into your home or business the happier your swamp cooler will be.

Regular Maintenance

Just like your car, your swamp cooler needs regular maintenance in order to continue to run smoothly and efficiently. Your swamp cooler’s engine is composed of many moving parts, and regular maintenance can help keep them running smoothly, even as they age.

If you’re renting a swamp cooler from us here at Preferred Climate Solutions then you’ll have no maintenance worries.

Fan Replacement

Replace the fan if it’s over five years old. Fans in-home air conditioners and swamp coolers need to turn at high speeds to effectively cool the air. 

But as they age, fans develop cracks and nicks that make them less effective at moving air. If you notice that your fan seems to be turning slower than it used to, it’s time to invest in a new one.

Leave the Ice in Your Freezer

Although many think that pouring ice inside of a swamp cooler helps cool down your home or business faster, you’ll soon find that you’re just wasting your time. This is because swamp coolers are meant to work within certain temperatures of water but notice. 

Sure, you might get a (very) temporary cooling fix with ice. But you have to remember that ice doesn’t evaporate. It has to melt first. So just leave the ice for your drinks. 

Filler Up

If your swamp cooler is not cooling as it should, then you may have a problem with your cooler tank. Swamp coolers operate by evaporating water into vapor, cooling the surrounding air, and then condensing the vapor back into the water. 

Your swamp cooler has a tank that holds the water that is evaporated and condensed. Sometimes sediment and algae can build up in the tank, which may prevent the swamp cooler from operating properly. 

A dirty tank may also cause leaks, which can cause damage to your ceiling. To make sure your swamp cooler is cooling properly, you need to check the cooler tank to make sure it has enough water and that the tank isn’t dirty.

Soak Your Pads

Make sure your unit’s cooling pads are thoroughly soaked before you run your cooler. This might take a while when draining or cleaning your tank. It will also take some time for the pads to soak when new. 

Use the Right Water Temperature

Room temperature or cooler water will work in a swamp cooler much more effectively than warm or hot water. The cooler is designed to evaporate the water quicker this way, believe it or not.

Dehumidify Your Home or Office

If you’ve ever been in a home with damp air, you also know how uncomfortable it can be. When humidity is too high, it can cause health problems and lead to mold and mildew. 

Consider adding some plants to your home or office. Get the kind that specializes in living off of the humidity in the air. Boston ferns, any of the cacti family, ivy plants, aloe and more will work just fine.

Why Preferred Climate Solutions Can Help Keep Your Home and Business Cool

We proudly serve our customers in several areas in Texas including Austin, Dallas/Ft Worth and Houston. With over 17 years in business, you can bet we’ve learned how to take care of your cooling needs.

Whether outside events or home and business use, our highly trained technicians have got you covered. Contact Preferred Climate Solutions today to get started.

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