Top 5 Uses For Spot Coolers

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13 Aug
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The Texas summer heat is not going away anytime soon, so everyone should be adding a spot cooler to their home or business. Spot coolers are one of the most sought after accessories in the summer months.

Here at Preferred Climate Solutions, we know that not only are spot coolers stylish but their main purpose is to keep you cool during those sweltering days. With all the different models on the market, finding one that will fit your needs shouldn’t be hard.

But what are the best ways to determine which one you need? Here are the Top 5 Uses for Spot Coolers that will make sure you get exactly what you need!

What Is a Spot Cooler?

Spot coolers are an excellent way to not only keep yourself cool but also your pets, your children, your plants, your ornaments, or anything else you would like to keep cool. The best models have a wide size range that is suitable for multiple rooms in your house, and you don’t have to be able to sit on the floor to be able to operate it.

The fact that there are so many different models makes the decision that much harder. For that reason, we have decided to focus on a few important qualities that we think are paramount when choosing a spot cooler.

The Best Uses of Spot Coolers

Special Outdoor Events

Yes, any fun occasion calls for a spot cooler. WHen businesses are hosting an outdoor event, they can certainly count on our large spot coolers to cool things down. These units can be placed at very strategic locations throughout your event. People love it knowing they can enjoy the event outside but still keep cool.

Spot Coolers are especially great for keeping even the largest of tents nice and cool. No one wants that stuffy and humid Texas heat following them around everywhere

It also works well to keep you cool when out and about in the summer heat!

During the winter months, the sun has set but the cold is still in the air. Especially if you’re in a rural area, your heating bills will quickly increase!

This is why it’s a great idea to have a spot cooler or two at home. You can put it on your couch, your child’s bed, or in front of your favorite radiator.

This way, your child can watch TV without overheating their body and you won’t have to battle with the temperature at your house!

Garage or Workshop

Spot coolers make a great addition to your garage or workshop because they keep a steady temperature with minimal effort. You can leave the unit on the floor of your garage, on a shelf, or even in the corner of your workshop.

Some of the biggest Garage or workshop models have a place for you to store your drinks and a place to plug in and charge your electronics. If you live in a sunny area and have lots of room in your garage, it would be a great idea to add a spot cooler for yourself!

Data Centers

Because a lot of companies outsource their data centers, they have to be able to protect their sensitive data from outside elements. At the same time, they also need to provide power to all their servers.

Spot coolers are perfect for providing power to large areas of a data center. This is especially important for places with electricity issues, where servers are situated.

By keeping the rooms at a certain temperature, spot coolers are invaluable in these situations. Plus, your employees will be happier because they can also take advantage of the cooler air flowing throughout the center.

Spot coolers also work great for cooling off bulky external UPS units that are vital to the data center.

Backyard and Indoor Parties

When the backyard gets crowded with people, a lot of the fun goes down in the house. Sitting around the barbecue, and smelling the delicious smell of smoked meats, there’s nothing like a spot cooler to bring the heat.

The sound of those first few drops of rain hitting the beach is guaranteed to make you a little nervous. But one of the best spot coolers can be used to keep your guests completely cool.

It’s easy to take a spot cooler up and down the ladder to place in certain areas to keep everyone cool and happy in and out of the house.

Indoor Parties –  With a spot cooler, you can have some much-needed peace of mind with all of the activities going on in the house. With the back door shut, not only will you be keeping the outside cool, you’ll be able to keep the heat from getting in your own home.

Commercial Office Spaces

These rooms can get quite stuffy and hot during the summer months, especially if the people who use this space are constantly updating documents, updating electronic file files, or talking on the phone all day.

Spot coolers that offer a fan will help tremendously with keeping these spaces cool. Many offices use these coolers to store the supplies that are used by the people who work here, and this is a great way to save space without making your office look cluttered.

You can either sit them against the wall near the workstations so that the shelves look neat and tidy, or you can place them in one large storage unit to help save space.

Why Preferred Climate Solutions Can Take Care of Your Spot Cooler Needs

When it comes to  serving our customers in Texas, they know Preferred Climate Solutions has got their backs. We’ve been able to gain quite a fantastic reputation over the last 17 years, and we want to thank our customers for that.

When you rent a spot cooler from us, you can be assured that you are getting the best quality product you can. You’ll soon realize the savings and advantages of renting our expertly maintained equipment will benefit you.

Contact Preferred Climate Solutions today and let us take care of your Spot Cooler Needs.

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