What You Need To Know About Swamp Coolers

Swamp coolers

13 Aug
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You’ve probably heard of swamp coolers. Swamp coolers are a type of air conditioner that consists of a fan and an evaporative cooler, which is basically a box with holes that uses water to cool places.

The water then runs through the box and evaporates as it cools down to provide you with cold air. This is a fairly simple explanation, but there are many other aspects to this product that people don’t know about.

These include: why they are good for your home, what to look for when buying them, and how much they will cost you. Here are some things you need to know about swamp coolers

What Is a Swamp Cooler?

There are two main types of swamp coolers: open and closed. An open swamp cooler is completely exposed and is just a fan with a hole for cooling the air.

A closed swamp cooler uses a semi-invisible mechanism to prevent dust and dirt from getting in. If you don’t have access to a compressor unit to force the air from the cooler to your home, then you’ll probably want to use a closed cooler for your home.

The only catch is that the unit has to be powerful enough to cool the air that goes through it and that’s the main point of why you don’t want an open one.

Swamp Cooler Advantages

Swamp coolers are very efficient and provide many of the same benefits as an air conditioner. They cool a room quickly, and they work especially well in humid environments.

The real benefit of swamp coolers is that they do not rely primarily on electricity, but they do use enough electrical current to run their fans.

This means you can use them in any environment. However, like all air conditioners, swamp coolers will be more efficient in a cold climate, since they have to work harder to cool down a room with a lower amount of humidity.

The Downsides to Using a Swamp Cooler

What are the downsides to using a swamp cooler? First of all, if you have swamp cooler issues like the compressor kicking in when you don’t need it, then you have a problem.

However, you should note that this is relatively uncommon. Even if you do experience an issue with the compressor kicking in, you should not have to return the unit, as it is rarely more than a one-time issue.

What should you do if you are experiencing a problem with your swamp cooler? First, check your owner’s manual, and make sure that you check all of the various important areas on the device. Make sure that the heat pump is functioning and that the compressor fan is not plugged in.

The Average Cost of a Swamp Cooler

Every swamp cooler is different because there is no set rule about how much each one should cost. However, most of them range between $600 and $1,000.

Some swamp coolers will only cost you $500 to $600, while others will cost you more. The $1,000 swamp cooler is usually found in the homes of wealthy people, especially in the tropics. Keep in mind that you should never spend more than you are willing to pay for a swamp cooler.

For example, if you spend $300 for a good swamp cooler, you should only be spending $300. There is no way a swamp cooler that is over $500 can provide you with air conditioning. If the cost is more than you are willing to pay, then that is when you should probably look at purchasing an air conditioner.

Buying a Small Swamp Cooler for Home Use

Before we get into the details, there is something you need to know about the swamp coolers that are widely available. They are not cheap. There are several small swamp coolers that are around the $100 range, but most are much more expensive, and up to several hundred dollars.

There is one product that is perhaps the most expensive in the world: the Koch Aquarium Silent Cooling Fan, which is a “living water” cooling unit that costs over $4,000. If you want to try to save some money, you can check out some other products that use an air-duct system for cooling.

These can be cheaper than the above-mentioned ones, although there is a chance they will run hot because of them. Still, you can’t go wrong if you are looking to save a couple hundred dollars.

Renting a swamp cooler is always better than buying one straight out.

Buying a Large Capacity Swamp Cooler for Commercial Use

A swamp cooler is a fairly common product, used by offices and commercial establishments, for cooling off their equipment and machinery. This is a great way of saving money and providing employees with a pleasant environment.

There are some questions you should ask yourself when looking for the best swamp cooler for your needs:

Do you have a small business or an office that generates a lot of heat?

If your business gets really warm, such as a data center, then you might want to consider swamp coolers large enough for commercial businesses.

Investing in a more powerful swamp cooler will help cool down your entire office and save money at the same time.

Again, renting enough swamp coolers for your large business is always better. It saves time, money and your ROI is many times higher.


Swamp coolers are an option for anyone looking to cool their home. There are many benefits to using these, and they are reliable and affordable in the long run.

Renting a swamp cooler gives you the freedom to choose what is best for your home and family.

In this article, we’ve discussed a number of swamp coolers, as well as some things you need to know about them. Hopefully, this information has helped you to decide whether a swamp cooler is a good choice for you. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at Preferred Climate Solutions.

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