Why Evaporative Air Coolers are Better Than Other Cooling Devices

Evaporative coolers

15 May
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When most people think of efficient cooling methods, they tend to picture a fan or an air conditioner. An evaporative air cooler is another option that provides you with the cooling that you desire with additional benefits.

The following is why evaporative air coolers are better than other cooling devices.

Energy Efficiency

Central air conditioning systems require a significant amount of energy to operate properly. There are multiple parts that need power, and all of these add up. This can drive up the price of your electrical bill in comparison to using an evaporative air cooler. The only part of an evaporative air cooler that requires power is the fan. This means that your home will be more energy-efficient, leading to a cheaper energy bill.

Easy to Maintain

When a central air conditioning system becomes damaged or stops functioning properly, it may require an expert to fix it. This means that you will have to spend a considerable amount of money in order to repair it. An evaporative air cooler is incredibly easy to maintain and install in your home. As long as the fan is working properly and the padding is intact, the only maintenance that is required is to replenish the water supply. The water reservoir in an evaporative air cooler can start to build up mold or mildew after extended periods of not using it.


An evaporative air cooler will vary in price depending on the size and other features, but they are generally less expensive than a central air conditioning system. The initial investment is much more accessible, and you will also save money over time.


Since evaporative air coolers require less energy to operate, you will reduce your carbon footprint. Impact on the environment is a common concern due to the effects of climate change. Choosing to use an evaporative air cooler over an air conditioner can greatly lower your impact on the environment.

No Disruptions

Air conditioners tend to make loud noises when they are recirculating cool air. Evaporative air coolers operate quietly in the background, and will not disturb you. They are also fairly small in size, so they will not take up much space within your home.

Fresh and Clean Air

Air conditioners work through a process of recirculating the air within your home, which means that the same air will be used repeatedly. Evaporative air coolers require fresh and clean air to operate, and this is exactly what it will circulate throughout your home. This will ensure that the air within your home does not become stale.


Many people find that they need a source of cooling when they are on the go. This can not be accomplished with a central air conditioning system, but it can be done with an evaporative air cooler. They are great to use when you are camping because you can plug them in from inside the camper. They can also be used at any other location with an outlet such as a park or sporting event.

Can Be Used in Dry Areas

While evaporative air coolers cannot be used in humid environments, they can operate properly in dry environments. This means that an air conditioner is a more suitable choice in humid areas, and an evaporative air cooler is more suitable for dry areas. 

Industrial Usage

Industrial warehouses tend to leave the doors open throughout the day to allow workers to easily enter and exit the warehouse. This means that a central air conditioning system would not work optimally because the cool air will escape. Evaporative air coolers are designed to use fresh air, so they are the better option for industrial usage.

Features to Look For

There are several features that you should look for when purchasing an evaporative air cooler. The water tank capacity is an important aspect because it will determine how long the cooler can run before it needs to be refilled. The larger the tank, the more time you will have before needing to refill it. There are non-portable evaporative air coolers that you can install in your home. This means that you will be sacrificing portability for less maintenance. You can connect the installed air cooler to a water supply and let it run. The part of the cooler where you refill the water is also important. It should be located in a spot that makes it easy and convenient to refill.


While evaporative air coolers have plenty of advantages over central air conditioning systems, there are still some disadvantages. Evaporative air coolers increase the levels of moisture in your home, which can cause a clammy feeling. This also means that they are not suitable for humid environments. They will also not lower the temperature as much as a central air conditioning system. The maintenance is simple to perform, but they do require a regular water source and may need to be maintained on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. Having to keep a window open also means that they are not suitable for extreme weather conditions.


Evaporative air coolers and central air conditioning systems are both viable options for cooling your home. Evaporative air coolers offer a variety of advantages that can save you money and lower your impact on the environment. They prevent the air within your home from becoming stale because they bring in fresh air from outside. They are portable and appropriate for outdoor usage in a variety of settings. There is no noise transmitted from them, and they do not take up too much space. Easy maintenance means that you will be spending less money on repairs. One of the greatest advantages is their suitability for industrial usage. Warehouses can become incredibly hot and dry during the summer months, and this can lower the productivity of workers. While there are a few disadvantages over a central air conditioning system, evaporative air coolers stand out as the better option.

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