Why Portable Heat Pumps Are a Must-Have for Any Space?

16 Nov
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A portable heat pump is an economical choice in heating options for heating in cooler weather and cooling in warm weather. These convenient appliances are transportable from room to room to adjust indoor temperatures accordingly.

Safer than space heaters, portable heat pumps are energy efficient and an affordable alternative to air conditioning units.

In this article, discover why portable heat pumps are a must-have for any space, various types of portable heat pumps, the benefits of portable heat pumps, and the pros and cons.

Types of Portable Heating Pumps

An air-source heating pump is one of the most common portable heat pumps. This type of heat pump works through a refrigeration cycle. Air-source heating pumps use refrigerants to blow cold air through indoor spaces. They heat an area by blowing warm air from the exhaust indoors rather than ejecting it outside through the exhaust pipe.

Here is a list of portable heating pumps you can purchase from your local hardware store or consider a heat pump rental from a reputable heating and cooling company.

Dual-Hose Heat Pumps

The dual-hose portable heating pump sucks in indoor air and transports it to other indoor spaces through an exhaust system. This heating alternative is more costly than others and is beneficial for sizeable areas.

Single-Hose Heat Pumps

Single-hose portable heat pumps have one hose that extends outdoors to heat and cools your indoor spaces with a compressor. This type of portable heat pump is one of the most economical choices on the market and is suitable for heating and cooling small spaces.

Our Top Choice of Portable Heat Pumps

Our top choice in portable heat pumps is the WPH-400. This dual-purpose unit for heating and cooling works on a 20 amp breaker with a regular power outlet. Some attractive features of the WPH-400 include:

  • Because this appliance serves as a heating and a cooling unit, it is more affordable than buying separate units
  • This unit delivers 18,500 BTU/hr of heat, ideal for spaces of 400–600 square feet, and 16,800 BTU/hr of cooling
  • The WPH-400 is durable and comes with sturdy casters for easy transport
  • This unit has a built-in self-starter for power outages

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Portable Heat Pump

Your space size is a crucial factor in determining if buying a portable heat pump is a viable option for heating and cooling your home or commercial space. Other factors to consider before purchasing a portable heat pump may include:

  • If renting a portable heat pump for certain times of the year, such as summer, would be more practical than purchasing a unit
  • Comparing the sizes of portable heat pumps to ensure they are large enough to cover your entire area
  • Comparing the different models and features offered in portable heat pumps

Pros of Buying a Portable Heat Pump

When deciding on the best heating and cooling option, some people might ask themselves, what are the benefits of buying a portable heat pump?

We have done our research to come up with the best answer to this question. Here is our list of benefits of buying a portable heat pump for any indoor space:

Serve a Dual Purpose

One of the most favorable benefits of purchasing a portable heat pump is that they serve as a heater and an air conditioner. If you don’t have much room, having just one device saves space.


An ideal investment, portable heat pumps are more economical than other heating and cooling units. They function as a heater and an air-conditioner in one unit. Thus, saving the consumer money by only having to purchase one unit, instead of two.

No Need for Installation

Offering convenience, portable heat pumps do not require installation. Most brands of portable heat pumps are plug-and-play and work with regular power outlets. Therefore, there is no need to hire an electrician to install your unit. Most units are lightweight and set up by one person.

Easily Transportable

Easy to move, many portable heat pumps have wheels. They are easily transportable from room to room, or from one location to another.


Perfect for small spaces, portable heat pumps are compact but efficient for heating and cooling any type of space, including homes, offices, trailers, cottages, and even dog houses or chicken coops.

Energy Efficient

Purchasing a portable heat pump equipped with heating and cooling capabilities will use less energy than buying two separate units. This will not only help use less energy, but it will also help reduce your yearly heating and cooling expenses.

When selecting your unit, look for energy star appliances to ensure high efficiency and ultimate savings on energy costs.

Cons of Portable Heating Pumps

With anything you decide to purchase, there are always disadvantages to consider before making your final decision on whether the product is right for you. Here is a list of cons associated with buying portable heating pumps:


Although portability can be beneficial in some circumstances, it can also be an inconvenience when you have to move the unit from room to room throughout the day. This is especially true if your unit is on the heavy side.

Limited Coverage

Portable heating pumps are ideal for small spaces and spot heating. However, when looking into heating and cooling options for larger spaces and entire homes, a portable heating unit might not be the ideal solution.


Another disadvantage of buying a portable heat pump is that they are noisier than installed furnaces and air conditioning units or outdoor heat pumps. However, some people don’t mind the noise and actually find it a benefit to sleep with the hum of the unit.

Final Thoughts

After weighing the pros and cons, we feel that portable heat pumps are a must-have for any space. The benefits of investing in a portable heat pump far outweigh the disadvantages.

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