Working a warehouse in the Texas summer heat can create a hazardous work environment for your packagers. Moreover, the products you pack and ship need to be kept within a specific temperature range to prevent spoilage or damage in transit. Many packaging businesses find their built-in air conditioning units can’t keep up with the extreme heat conditions, particularly near loading docks and interior areas exposed to natural light.

Fortunately, there’s a solution to this problem: portable spot cooling. Renting portable spot coolers for the hot summer months helps keep working conditions within tolerable levels and prevent packaged goods from exceeding their safe temperature range. Select the size you need, reserve your spot cooler through Preferred Climate Solutions, and we will deliver and place your spot coolers in the area or areas of your facility that need additional cooling in the summer.

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What is a spot cooler

You may spend more on energy costs for a short time, but you will save significantly more compared to your losses from a ruined product that couldn’t survive the heat in your facility. There is also a significantly reduced risk for workers compensation claims for injury and illness working in overheated conditions at your packaging plant. Do right by your people, your products and your clients and take advantage of portable spot coolers when the Texas heat becomes too much for your workforce and your inventory.

Keep Your Packaging Facility Cool Now And Later

Need extra cooling for more than just the summer? We offer long and short term rental contracts to suit any packaging facilities needs. Storage or warehouse areas getting too hot and threatening to spoil inventory? We have units that can cool even large warehouse spaces effectively and efficiently. Tell us the square footage you need to cool, and we’ll recommend a unit that will deliver the temperature range you need.

Our Cooling Equipment

Preferred Climate Solutions stocks spot coolers that will provide exemplary effective service regardless of how much or how little cooling you need. Some are smaller than mini-fridge and can run on a standard 110-volt current. Some are the size of a light pickup truck and have their own built-in generator. With your spot cooler rental, we also provide a trained air conditioning and power specialist who will install your rented cooler wherever you want and ensure it can be operated safely and effectively where you need things cooled down.


Reliable Spot Coolers

We offer compact, reliable spot coolers. These are world-class HVAC units that get the job done. These spot coolers can cool areas ranging from 250 sq. ft. to 2,100 sq. ft. That means that a single spot cooler can often do the job. However, a lot depends on what (or who) you’re trying to cool. Our team can recommend a unit that will do the job.

How spot cooler works

We Are There When You Need Us Most


Sometimes you need cooling in emergency situations, too. Power outages, severe weather conditions, and natural disasters can happen at any time. Preferred Climate Solutions has you covered with portable spot coolers for your packaging facility. No electricity? No problem! Our highly trained cooling professionals will bring along some generators and have an AC solution up and running in no time. Give us a call or click on the Contact Us link to find out more about how we can provide you with the emergency air conditioning you need in the event of a crisis.