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Simple Tips for Longer Lasting Portable Air Conditioning Units

A portable AC works just like the air conditioner in your home. The air cools as it runs over coils containing a chilled refrigerant. Just like your home AC needs proper tender loving care, so does your portable AC. There is so much you can do to keep these units running optimally in the best… Read more »

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5 Myths About Portable Air Conditioning Units

A portable air conditioner may be just the ticket for delivering that jet of cold air where you need it the most, but there are many misconceptions regarding what these units do and where they can be used. Let’s explore the top myths about portable air conditioners. Myth #1: Turning a thermostat down to a… Read more »

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Top Air Conditioning Tips to Save Energy

Shut that door! Are you trying to cool the entire neighborhood? You likely grew up hearing your parents repeatedly say this about your home air conditioner. Now it’s your turn. You are the homeowner and you are probably yelling the same thing to your own kids. Our Texas summers are brutal. With temperatures in the… Read more »

How to Cool Down an Apartment Without Windows

It’s summertime and it’s hot outside. If it’s hot outside, then chances are, it’s hot inside, too.  If your apartment doesn’t have air conditioning installed, then you may be sweating your days away and counting the moments until summer ends, instead of enjoying it.  Although almost every apartment has windows, sometimes they are very small,… Read more »

How Portable Air Conditioners Give Benefit to Your Business

It never fails. You have a crucial manufacturing order to get out the door. It’s the middle of the Texas summer, and temperatures are above 100 degrees. Naturally, this is the time your industrial air conditioner unit chose to just fizzle out. It will take three days to fix, and the company doesn’t do repairs… Read more »