How to Cool Down an Apartment Without Windows

It’s summertime and it’s hot outside. If it’s hot outside, then chances are, it’s hot inside, too.  If your apartment doesn’t have air conditioning installed, then you may be sweating your days away and counting the moments until summer ends, instead of enjoying it.  Although almost every apartment has windows, sometimes they are very small,… Read more »

How Portable Air Conditioners Give Benefit to Your Business

It never fails. You have a crucial manufacturing order to get out the door. It’s the middle of the Texas summer, and temperatures are above 100 degrees. Naturally, this is the time your industrial air conditioner unit chose to just fizzle out. It will take three days to fix, and the company doesn’t do repairs… Read more »

How To Use An Evaporative Cooling System Effectively In Factory / Warehouse.

  Factory and warehouse owners need to have a majority of their property cooled. You are likely aware of spot coolers, but they may not cover the area you require. For a greater means of commercial cooling, there are evaporative coolers, also known as swamp coolers, that building owners should consider buying or renting.  … Read more »

What is a spot cooler

5 Ways Portable Spot Cooler Rentals Keep Retailers In Business.

No retailer in their right mind wants to close up for the day because their air conditioning is broken. You lose potential revenue every second your doors are closed, your employees lose hours, and if you sell food or perishable products there is a high potential for loss due to spoilage in high temperatures. The… Read more »

How spot cooler works

Spot Coolers For Outdoor Events: What Size Do You Need?

To make your outdoor event a success, it’s important to make sure that you have the right size spot cooler for the job. Most event planners don’t have a tremendous amount of experience with making that determination, and this can drive up the cost of your event by ordering a unit bigger than they need…. Read more »