How Portable Air Conditioners Give Benefit to Your Business

24 Jul
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It never fails. You have a crucial manufacturing order to get out the door. It’s the middle of the Texas summer, and temperatures are above 100 degrees. Naturally, this is the time your industrial air conditioner unit chose to just fizzle out. It will take three days to fix, and the company doesn’t do repairs on weekends. You need 24/7 operations to keep your business going. You can’t close down your shop. You have to keep everyone working on the line. What do you do?

How Portable Air Conditioners Can Help

In this situation, a portable air conditioner can be a lifesaver. Spot Coolers are portable air conditioners that deliver a jet of cold air where you need it the most. A spot cooler is a type of portable air conditioner designed to cool a hot spot in a factory, hospital or any industrial or commercial space. For example, we set up spot coolers quite frequently in computer data centers to cool server racks, or in hospitals to keep patients comfortable and medical equipment cool.

Many factories use these coolers to ensure that workspaces or equipment does not overheat. We even install them in commercial buildings during our hot Texas summer months when building A/C is too strained and is just not doing the job. During the summers, as you might imagine, we install quite a few of these units in emergency situations when the building’s primary air conditioner fails or must undergo maintenance. We all know how quickly a building can heat up in this brutal Texas sun when there’s no working A/C.

As a business, you avoid the cost of cooling an entire building or even an entire room. Our rental rates are very affordable, and we often find that one spot cooler can do the job. We can recommend the right unit for you so that you get efficient and cost-effective cooling for your industrial or commercial application. The units can provide temporary or permanent cooling, so you can shut it off when you don’t need it running.

Industrial Cooling Costs

In a recent U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) study, they found that about 40 percent of energy costs for an average-sized commercial building is spent on cooling and heating. In fact, cooling and heating can amount to about eight percent or higher of your total overall building costs. One way to reduce these costs is to only cool the space you need to cool. Becoming more energy-efficient can save businesses 22 to 56 percent in costs, depending on factors like building size, building use, regional climate, and local utility costs. As a building owner, imagine what you could do with these types of costs savings.

Sometimes, the cost of cooling a particular area with sensitive, expensive equipment pales in comparison to the replacement cost of that equipment. Some businesses have spot coolers during emergencies. The cost of the spot cooler is minimal compared to the cost of completely shutting down your operations for an A/C repair or replacement.

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), as well as lighting, are certainly essential for a productive business, so it is no surprise that these are the two highest energy costs for commercial buildings like warehouses, hospitals, retail stores, and similar structures. Did you know that these commercial spaces consume nearly 20 percent of the energy in the United States?

As a business owner, you want to do everything you can to reduce your energy costs. The amount of energy you use depends on the time of day you use it, the climate and the types of equipment and lighting you have. Your building’s age, windows, and insulation are also factors. Your utility plan is also a factor, and usually includes both demand (capacity) and consumption charges. If you’re lucky, your utility provider will let you choose which tariff plan you are on – either demand or consumption – and will often provide you a rate comparison. Switching tariffs could save you a surprising amount of money.

Spot coolers can save you money as well. These spot cooler units reduce the need to cool the whole building and can cool spaces ranging from 200 square feet up to 2,100 square feet. These spot coolers work just like the air conditioner in your home by using a chilled refrigerant to cool air as it runs over coils. Spot coolers also remove moisture from the air as it cools. All of our spot coolers have easy-to-use digital controls.

Evaporative Cooling

If you have a very large indoor space, evaporative cooling is sometimes a good option compared to or in addition to air conditioning. Evaporative coolers reduce temperatures by evaporating liquid and adding it to space. In general, these coolers are used to keep facilities about 20 degrees cooler than outside temperatures. On the other hand, an air conditioner removes both heat and moisture from the space, therefore cooling and dehumidifying the room to a set temperature that will be maintained.

Evaporative coolers are more economical than air conditioning, and also tend to be more energy-efficient. An air conditioning system can cost up to five times more than an evaporative cooling system. The evaporative coolers are inexpensive to install and require minimal maintenance. They are mainly used in hot, dry climates, so depending on where you are in Texas, this might be a good cooling option for you.

At Preferred Climate Solutions, we will help you choose the system that best suits your needs. We rent units ranging from 10,000 – 83,000 BTU, and we offer on-site delivery, setup, and pick up when you no longer need the unit. The great thing about these units is that they are self-contained; they operate off the regular 120V electrical supply and just roll into place wherever you need them.

Preferred Climate Solutions can provide spot coolers as well as other cooling solutions to keep your business running. We also rent evaporative coolers for outdoor or larger indoor spaces and even large event AC units that can cool an entire building or structure.

We are Texas-owned and offer superior 24/7 service and fast response to fixing your cooling problems. We have offices in Houston, Dallas, and Austin, but we service anywhere in Texas. If you have a cooling problem, give us a call at 888.466.7180 or contact us. We will help you choose the right cooling equipment for the right job.


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