How To Choose The Best Air Conditioner For Tent?

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29 Apr
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Whether it is for an outdoor event or for sleeping outside, having an air conditioner is important to keep yourself dry, cool and comfortable if you are looking to be inside your tent for lengthy periods of time. Without anything to cool you from inside your tent, you will be perspiring nonstop under hot and humid temperatures.

But what are some things to consider when buying a portable air conditioner for tents? Of course, there isn’t such a thing as air conditioners that are one-size-fits-all. Here is what you need to know about portable air conditioners in general before buying one for your tent.

Power And Energy

Arguably the biggest factor when choosing an air conditioner for the tent is what kind of power do you want yours to run on. The most common type of portable air conditioner is battery-powered. These air conditioners are affordable, and you can also buy batteries for them that can be recharged. These, however, are not made to be powerful or are capable of cooling large tents. For the most part, battery-powered air conditioners last throughout the night before you have to replace the battery.

For most situations, an electrically-operated air conditioner isn’t ideal unless you have nearby access to a power supply or generator. You can draw this power from either an electrical grid or a large vehicle, such as an RV or trailer.

Cooling Capacity

Another important consideration is to know how much cooling itself that you need. If you are sleeping in temperatures that are less than 80 degrees, you likely won’t need much cooling. Most air conditioners for tents lie in between 5,000 and 12,000 BTU, with the higher the number meaning the unit can cool a larger room. If you have a tent that is 10 by 10 feet, a 5,000 BTU air conditioner should suffice, but if your tent is larger, then easily pick one with more BTU.


You are sure to move your portable air conditioner quite often, so buying one that is easy to carry or move can also be important to some consumers. There are basically two types of air conditioners that have different degrees of mobility: Window units and portable units. Window units are heavier and have to be positioned next to your tent, so it is necessary to check how much it weighs first to see whether or not it is a unit you can move without trouble.

Additional Features

To further enjoy the experience you get from your portable air conditioner, many of them come with adjustable features so that you can use yours exactly the way you want to need it to. Examples of some additional features include adjustable thermostats, variable fan speeds, an on/off timer, low-battery indicators, and more. Often times, air conditioners with basic settings are the most affordable, but they usually aren’t worth it if there are plenty of things that you wish you could change about it.

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