Portable Air Solution for Covid-19 Screening Tents

Evaporative coolers

27 Oct
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As we continue to confront the ever changing circumstances of Covid-19, keeping our businesses and public spaces safe is of paramount importance. Many establishments are using screening tents as an essential preventative measure to ensure the safety of the staff, patients, customers and other stakeholders. Many pop-up tent options go a step further with drive-thru convenience.

The safety afforded by these temporary solutions are, for many employees, offset by the discomfort of working hours in a non-controlled climate. In Texas, sunny days pour in generous amounts of heat and it does not take long before productivity and well-being begin to suffer. This summer has been particularly tough on outdoor workers as temperatures have soared close to 120 degrees. Add in several layers of PPE that many employees have to wear and the heat becomes that much more unbearable.

At Preferred Climate Solutions, we have an acute understanding of the difficulty of keeping outdoor areas at a comfortable temperature for you and your clients. In regards to screening tents, these temporary workstations will hopefully become a thing of the past sooner rather than later and investing in expensive permanent solutions may not be the most cost effective option.

To ensure you get the best value and climate control for your particular needs, we offer a comprehensive array of affordable air conditioning rentals for Texas residences and commercial spaces. Tent suppliers have been doing an exceptional job in making their products available  within a few business days to meet the sudden needs of establishments around Texas. A/C rentals are equally critical and we strive for maximum responsiveness with our 24/7 service.

We want to ensure that our customers are able to get the benefits they need, when they need them and at a price they will enjoy. Explore our different air conditioning categories and read on to see how they can help in your outdoor Covid-19 screening areas.

Evaporative Coolers for Tents, Partial Enclosures and Outdoor Areas

Many screening tents have one, two or even three lines for patients and customers waiting to be tested. These lines are usually enclosed on only three sides, with two walls, a ceiling and open ends for the in-and-out flow of traffic.

Traditional portable A/C units become impractical in these situations, drawing large amounts of power and dumping cool air outside with wasted energy. Evaporative coolers are an excellent option for screening tents trying to keep the public comfortable as they wait several minutes or even hours waiting to be tested.

Evaporative coolers require very little energy, costing as low as a dollar a day to operate. They provide directed air that cool areas in their path and drop temperatures by as much as 20 degrees. They can effectively cool indoor and outdoor areas, with the most powerful options able to cool up to 5,000 square feet. Plus, since you can control the direction of the cool air, you know that there is no wasted energy.

These cooling units offer easy installation, allowing for quick adjustments and fast cooling as needs rapidly change. With no need for venting, all you need to do is add a little tap water, hook it up to power and point it at the area you want cooled. Cool blasts of air arrive quietly within seconds and work for a full eight hours with the energy usage of a small kitchen appliance. Select from several evaporative cooler sizes to find the best fit for your outdoor testing setup.

Power Breeze Fans for Economical Outdoor Cooling

Similar to evaporative coolers, power breeze fans offer a low-cost solution for directed cooling. These units draw exceptionally low power despite being able to drop the temperature by over 25 degrees in an area up to 3,000 square feet. Setup does not get much easier than this — all you need is an outlet and you are ready to go.

For a quick, convenient and affordable cooling solution, screening tents can get a lot of benefit from power fans. Shop our various power breeze fans to find the right option for your screening area.

Spot Coolers for Enclosed Screening Tents of All Sizes

Screening tents are being made available in a broad range of sizes. The smallest options start at just 25 square feet while the biggest options measure up to 400 square feet and beyond. These different sizes require different equipment, as high-powered A/C solutions are impractical for small spaces but absolutely necessary for larger tents.

Portable A/C rentals are an excellent temporary solution to mitigate the heat in enclosed spaces. The equipment is simple to set up, requiring only a 120 volt outlet and a space for venting. Fortunately, most screening tents use windows in their designs so setting up a powered unit with warm air venting is an easy process.

Our portable air conditioners can handle screening tents of any size. Our smallest units start at 10,000 BTUs, powerful enough for small spaces up to 200 square feet. If you have a larger area or greater heat output from equipment and larger groups of people, our strongest options go up to 83,000 BTUs, covering over 2,000 square feet of space.

If you operate an enclosed testing tent and are concerned about the health, safety and productivity of your workers, consider a portable A/C solution. These are the best option for continual cooling in insulated areas and provide the most customizability in choosing your level of air conditioning. Screening tents can see waves of traffic and periods of downtime so being able to adjust the output with convenient remote control capabilities ensures you will always be at the desired comfort level.

As the days stay hot in Texas, portable A/C rentals may be the perfect option for keeping your people comfortable as you work to keep the public safe. Shop our portable A/C options and reach out to our customer service team for information to get the right product for your unique needs.

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